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Workshops may also be held at your own venue - minimum four persons.


Tarot Card Readings

A beginner's / intermediate course to reading the tarot cards


Starting Saturday, 09 June 2018
Thereafter 5 more lessons (normally every second Sat morning)


09h30 - 13h00 (includes tea break)


Clifton Street, Paulshof

 The course runs for six lessons and includes information on each of the Major, Minor and Court Cards, learning various spreads, case studies, practice sessions, ethical and moral issues surrounding a reading, how to manifest with the cards, psychometry, and working with the pendulum.

The course also includes information on how to connect with your guides and angels to enhance your intuition. By learning more about the tarot cards, you will embark on your own journey of inner healing and growth.

By the end of the course you will be able to give readings to others,
and even work as a professional reader.

Course content and refreshments provided.

Please use your own deck of Rider Waite tarot cards.
Rider Waite tarot cards may be bought at the following shops: Estoril Books, Exclusive Books and many esoteric shops, as well as via It is preferable that you purchase the normal sized cards as they are easier to manage when shuffling. Please note that everyone is encouraged to use the same make of cards during the course to avoid confusion – the course is based around the Rider Waite deck.
There are several versions of the Rider Waite tarot cards e.g. universal, radiant. The pictures are the same with a variation in ink only.

Cost: R2 000 per person
You may pay in instalments, however, the full amount is to be paid before the course starts

Please confirm via email or sms that you will be attending.
Seats are limited and a booking is essential.

*** This course currently underway *** 




 Let's Talk Angels - AV Radio

Join me every first Thursday of the month in 2018 at 7pm
on Alternative Views Radio
when I chat about angels 
and the wonderful things we can learn from them.

** Please note that this show has been postponed
due to the station undergoing technical changes **

The following direct links will allow you to listen live:

It's no longer necessary to download the AV Radio app. If you have it on your phone, please uninstall as it no longer works. Thankfully, the station has now made things easier for everyone to just click and play!