Metamorphosis -
what is metamorphosis therapy?



Metamorphosis is a self-healing art, a philosophy on creation, and a way of life.
Robert St John in England founded it in the late 1950s.

 The primary principle of metamorphosis is healing from the inside out;
it is a non-invasive energy therapy similar in many ways to reflexology, focusing on the spinal zones of the feet, hands and head.
We are then treating the underlying patterns causing the array of
symptoms we all experience. As the subject becomes whole and is able to manage life, they no longer have a need for their complaints and so they disappear permanently.
The benefits are simplicity, responsibility and credit for healing,
little effort, and changes are permanent.
The therapy is suitable for anybody from the pregnant woman to babies and the aged.


A tale of transformation

Each one of us is good by nature. We are, however, born with residual energy patterns that can manifest in a multitude of ways that impedes us from achieving our full potential. Often, this results from traumatic experiences that we have personally undergone and we are able to intellectualise the effect of these experiences on ourselves.

When we come into this life, we inherit genetically all that which is programmed into our DNA. Our DNA is determined by combining the information from both our mothers and fathers. At the time of our conception, the DNA we inherited from our parents contained the stresses each had undergone during their lifetime. This information, together with the DNA information they in turn inherited from their parents becomes part of our own DNA.

All this information is programmed into every living cell of our body and mind and continues to accumulate the informational experience of our own life. This information manifests into our life in emotional, behavioural, physical and mental stress patterns. They are often a source of unease and distress or disease.

Metamorphosis therapy addresses stress patterns at their source, calling on our own ability to evolve and rejuvenate ourselves so that transformational healing is achieved at our own pace. We become our own healer, taking responsibility and credit for effective change and growth. This is achieved through a gentle, non-invasive massage technique that was developed by Robert St. John. Metamorphosis Therapy uses the principles from three therapeutic modalities to address the body’s ability to heal itself (naturopathy), the attitude through which we view the world (eye-bates system), and pressure point manipulation of the gestational time line (from reflexology).

Metamorphosis erases stress patterns and allows the original, beautiful being that exists within each of us to achieve full potential as every area of our lives is touched gently, yet profoundly.

Metamorphosis is not a medical approach to healing and does not claim to be. It does not treat the symptoms of illness or disease. Illnesses disappear because Metamorphosis is addressing at cellular level the stresses that are the source of the problem.

Illnesses or disease can exist in any part of life. They may be physical in nature (AIDS, cancer, downs syndrome, epilepsy), mental in nature (schizophrenia, psychosis, autism) or behavioural in nature (ADD, hyperactivity, shyness, suicide, self-mutilation, sleep disorders, addictions, dysfunctional relationships, idleness). Since Metamorphosis functions at the core of these issues, these symptoms will begin to dissipate.

Every human being benefits from Metamorphosis Therapy. There is no age or condition that is unsafe for the application of metamorphosis. Pregnancy is a particularly beneficial time for Metamorphosis Therapy as it will assist the parent and the unborn baby. Children who receive Metamorphosis in the first five years of life enjoy the greatest benefits.

Metamorphosis Therapy may also be administered to animals and has proven highly effective on pets with behavioural problems, particularly when the owner or trainer also receives Metamorphosis.


Who Should Receive Metamorphosis?

  •  Anyone struggling with addictions, anxiety or panic disorders, mental, emotional,     behavioural or physical distress or disease such as depression, bulimia, AIDS, cancer, multiple sclerosis, downs syndrome, schizophrenia, bi-polar mood disorder, epilepsy, relationship difficulties.
  • Victims of trauma such as abuse or rape
  • Pregnant women
  • Infants, and children with ADD, Downs Syndrome, Autism, Hyperactivity or any other condition
  • Those interested in improving self-confidence, re-discovering self-worth, and wishing to enhance the joy of their lives


What is the Cost of a Session?

R400,00 per session (hands on and distant)