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Insight for November 2022

Hello there

Welcome to the 11th month! Wow! Merely a few weeks until the end of the year. One can scarcely take it in that we’re almost at the end of it.

Firstly, thank you to the clients and friends who supported the Light & Joy Holistic and Craft Fayre at the Killarney Country Club last weekend. It was a really positive vibe and it was good to see many of you! The organisers will advise when the next fayre will be held. At the moment, they’re seeking alternative venues so the fayre may just open up to doing its rounds in other areas once more. Please keep your eyes peeled on the Events page as I’ll be sharing information as and when it becomes available to me.

As promised in the October newsletter, I want to share on the subject of Trust this month. Many clients have shared their stories with me over the years, and on many occasions they have mentioned they’ve waited sometimes f.o.r.e.v.e.r for their desires to come about. They do the manifestation rituals, say prayers, repeat mantras, avoid negative conversations, you name it, and still sometimes they feel stuck without anything materializing.

Many times I have been in the same situation, and as you may or not be aware, I like to share my experiences with you so you may have the opportunity to try different techniques that work – tried and tested techniques, that is!

Sometime in the first quarter of this year, the company I was working for entered a cash flow crisis, and over the months the staff suffered tremendously as salaries dwindled to nil. Salary payments were made in dribs and drabs. Creditors weren’t paid. The future looked gloomy. Promises were made by clients who didn’t pay invoices issued, and the small payments received didn’t cover overheads.

By August, I was in debt (to the bank) as just like any other person, I need to pay rent, medical aid, retirement annuity, and other living expenses. At this point I was already experiencing severe illness on my body, one of the symptoms being extreme dizziness. I was speaking to God and the angels all the time, asking them to support me every day so that I could continue through the day. Above all, I maintained a sense of humour which could only have been heaven-sent.

I kept on feeling that I needed to step away from clients so that I could get over the hurdle and above all, to be quiet so I could hear from God. A couple of weeks into this period, I attended a small gathering of spiritual women at a friend’s home where we started the session with a meditation. In this meditation, we were encouraged to visit God in his chamber and hear what he had to say to us. In my own mind, God asked me to take a seat in a huge green easy chair, and told me to “Wait” which I solemnly did. He didn’t actually say anything else and I didn’t question him.

Afterwards, each person had a chance to share what they experienced. One of the ladies told me that God showed her that I had lost so much this year and how sad I was, that I needed to trust him as it was all going to be restored to me. Another shared that she saw me surrounded by green which symbolized healing for her! (I smiled as I shared the vision of the green easy chair.) I was so overwhelmed to hear all this from strangers - I had lost my dad late December, a couple of uncles, a close cousin who I grew up with, and a friend, who had all passed on in a matter of a few months. Work had become intolerable as debt mounted. Contributing to my mom’s financial upkeep, as well as fighting the bank for the funds due to my late dad’s estate, also took its toll. I kept on being sick and was taking medication to stop the incessant vomiting and dizziness. The dizziness was sometimes so severe, it felt like my eyes were rolling in my head.

From this gathering on this particular day, it was confirmed that I was in the right place at the right time, surrounded by profound healers. I underwent a session with a kinesiologist who helped me with setting boundaries, and she did some healing on me which sounded something like “bellybutton balancing, or framing”. I could have this terminology completely wrong, so please forgive me. Whatever it was, worked wonders for my soul. My poor spirit had decided in its trauma state that it was leaving the body, so half had left, and the other half was trying to hold on to my earthly body, hence the dizziness. After the session there was no more dizziness and until now I haven’t taken any medication again for this symptom.

With all the conversations I have with God and the angels on a daily basis, I still went through trauma, however, I feel they held me up and kept me going over the months. When they said to me that I needed to become still and wait, I listened. I didn’t anticipate an outcome like the one above. What came out of the healing is that I heard about God’s chamber. And this in this long roundabout way, is what I want to share with you.

I have used this method now countless times since August. For the first few times I was under the impression that one needed to meditate before drifting off to sleep in order to reach God’s chamber. I was still picturing it in my mind when I’d fall asleep anyway and then be mad at myself the next day because I remembered nothing of the conversation …

Subsequently, I’ve learnt you set the intention with God you are going to chat to him about a particular subject and will be visiting him in his chamber that night. When you drift off to sleep, it’s a done deal you’ll be having a conversation with him about whatever is troubling you. In the morning you greet him and thank him for his help and then trust he’ll be alongside you with whatever you are going through.

During the remainder of the quiet weeks, I received a phone call from a recruitment agent who spotted my profile on LinkedIn and she put my name forward for a position with a very large property developer. To cut a long story short, on my second interview with them, on my birthday, I was successful in being appointed.

There was no swimming upstream, I went along with the flow as I trusted that God had made a way for me. Bugger that I’m almost 60 years old, that I’m from a previously “advantaged” background. In the interview I brought up the elephant in the room - my age. My prospective employer didn’t bat an eyelid!

Now I’m in the 3rd week at my new place of employment. Over the past few days the company moved from where it was, merely 3km from my home, to the Waterfall area, almost 20km from home. The challenges on learning a new job within a very different organization have been insurmountable. Today the overwhelming feeling that things were too much took their toll and I whined and cried.

Tonight I’ll be visiting God’s chamber to discuss with him on my way forward. I am trusting that he knows what he’s doing, and I need to stop panicking. There’s a bigger picture in all of this and he’ll show me. Just as he’s also shown me over the past weeks on other matters that he’s in control, and has sorted out many issues, not only for me but for others who I’ve prayed for.

This is by no means a quick fix, but it has allowed me to grow the trust that I have with the spiritual side of life. It has shown me that it’s wonderful to have the trust that you’re firstly, not alone, and that secondly, things can work out supernaturally. Knowing that the Divine has my back, is comforting.

My wish for you this month is that you try this technique of connecting on a spiritual level so your own life can go forward in a trusting manner, knowing you’re fully and lovingly supported.

Trust the process as life unfolds for you!
Warm Regards


Oracle Reading for November 2022

Reading using the Sacred Earth Oracle
of Toni Carmine Salerno & Leela J Williams


Earthly meaning: 

Unnecessary or fruitless struggle. A fresh approach to an old problem brings a surprising reward. Free up funds, time and energy by tweaking your budget, schedule or routine. Look for ways to do more with less. A minor adjustment in attitude or methodology can make a massive difference. A creative breakthrough is imminent.

Spiritual meaning:

Imagination can be your greatest asset if you value and nurture it. This required some daydreaming, playfulness and light-heartedness. Let your imagination guide you to new ways of seeing and being in the world around you. The resources you need are all around you, so take the mundane and make it transform your world into something magical.

My insight:

We all have what it takes within us to transform our own world. However, sometimes we don’t have enough faith in our own ability. I’ve learnt another way to deal with difficult situations in my own life, so I’m sharing the following with you knowing without a doubt that this works:

If there is an issue that you’re struggling with, take note of it, and before you fall off to sleep, ask God to please help you with the issue and let him know you’ll be visiting him in his Chamber to discuss it with him. And then let the matter go.

It isn’t necessary to meditate on this request first, merely allow yourself to drift off to sleep knowing that your request has been heard. 

In the morning you probably won’t remember the conversation you had with God, and that’s perfectly okay. Allow him and the angels to help you in the days which follow by showing you in various ways that things are being resolved in the best possible way. You may feel a change of attitude within yourself while you’re waiting, and instantly you’ll realise your heart has been moved (worked on) to allow something new to come into your space… it could be in the form of ideas, someone chatting to you about another issue which brings enlightenment, or a conversation relating directly to your concern. Even better!

Remember, it’s not your job to move the mountain. It’s the spirit world who will do the work of removing the obstacle. Look beyond and see the end result. Through and with their help, it helps our world on earth become more efficient and flow more effectively.



 Numerology of November and 11/11 Ritual
by Tanaaz

November is always a special month because it holds the vibration of the number 11.
In numerology, 11 is a Master Number, associated with higher realms, divinity, and spiritual awakenings. It also represents coming into complete alignment with your true and highest self.

The number 11 is also our reminder that while we appear to be separate individuals, we are really all connected and part of a greater whole.

This is seen in the number 1 repeated twice and the fact that when the digits are added together, 11 gives us 2.

We are One but we are also one another.

All of us collectively are the Universe expressing ourselves as human. We are consciousness come to life, and while we all have our paths, we are also connected and on this journey together.

11 is also a number associated with higher realms. Even the number 11 itself looks like two pillars or two portals between this world and the next.

All through November, we can tap into higher vibrations and access Divine realms with greater ease. We may find more progress through meditation, spending time in nature, journaling, and focusing on gratitude.

While all of November contains special number codes, here are some of the more special days:

November 1

The numerology code for this day is 111, which also happens to be an angel number.
111 signifies that your guardian angels and spirit guides are by your side and sending beams of protection your way.

When you see 111 regularly, it’s a sign that you are receiving Divine support and that your angels are looking out for you. It also indicates fated events or that what you are currently going through is part of your soul destiny.

111 increases our ability to manifest and to take things from our heart and mind and put them out into the world.

The energies of 111 also guide us to connect and harmonize our mind, body, and soul.
Pause for a moment and feel what it’s like to be inside your body. Ask yourself- what does my body need? And be still as you wait for the answer to arise.

Then ask- what does my mind need? And once again, be still as you wait for the answer to

And finally, ask yourself- what does my soul need? And listen to what is shared with you.

Listening is a powerful tool, so on this day in particular, be sure you are listening to both your inner and outer world- who knows what messages and insights you may receive?

November 11

The famous 11/11! A special day for so many! This day holds the number code of 1111, which is a power number in astrology and also an angel number.

If there is something you want to manifest or a wish you want to make, this is the day to set your intentions!

1111 heightens our ability to create and to leave an imprint on the tapestry that is all of life. It also indicates that we are in completely harmony and alignment with all of nature.
From this state of alignment, it becomes easier for us to feel grounded and connected to our life here on Earth, but also to the magic and wisdom of higher realms.

November 11 is also an extremely powerful day for opening your heart and strengthening the energy of your heart field.

If you are feeling blocked when it comes to matters of the heart, or if you are struggling to connect with your heart’s desire, set an intention and ask your angels and guides to assist you in releasing any blocks that are no longer needed.

Throughout the day, try to consciously keep your heart open and in the vibration of love, understanding, forgiveness, and compassion, especially towards yourself!

(If you would like some additional support in opening your heart energy, try my free Heart Chakra Meditation.)

If there is something you wish to draw in, manifest, or create this is also a powerful day for prayer, ritual work, but to also take action.
Think of something you wish to create and draw in to your life and then take three steps
(even if they are small) to help you turn it into a reality.

1111 Ritual

Alternate days to do this ritual: November 1, 10, 28, & 29.

(To enhance the effects of this ritual, start by doing the Cosmic Guided Meditation for November. Please note Forever Conscious requests a fee of $2,99 for this meditation via this link)

Step 1: Begin free flow writing for 11 minutes about all the things that open your heart and bring you joy in your life. This can include things that currently bring you joy or things that you want to bring into your life in the future. When you are free-flow writing, the idea is to keep writing without lifting the pen off the page, so allow yourself to write whatever in order to keep the pen moving.

Step 2: Go through what you have written and highlight all the key activities or feeling
words that stand out to you. These words and/or activities, are going to provide you with clues as to where you need to be focusing your energy and time.

Step 3: Choose 3 of the best feeling words or activities that resonate the most with you right now and then write them down on a separate sheet of paper. Now place your hand over your heart and repeat for each –

“I give myself permission to feel/do (insert feeling/activity here). I give myself permission to bring more of this energy into my life starting today.”

Step 4: Now close your eyes, and visualize what your life will look like when you bring in all of this beautiful energy. See yourself achieving all that you want, and feeling joyful and happy. Meditate on this for 11 minutes.

Step 5: With your vision in mind, write a clear intention for what you want to manifest in your life. Try to succinctly capture what emotions, feelings, and things you want to bring into your life in one sentence. This will help you send a clear wish to the Universe. Here are some examples-

• “My intention moving forward is to bring more relaxed and peaceful energy into my life so I may feel aligned and connected with my highest path”

• “My intention moving forward is to give myself permission to play and to feel young and
joyful again.”

• “My intention moving forward is to listen and honor my intuition so I can advance further in my career and bring in more abundance.”

• “My intention moving forward is to open my heart to new love and to share new memories with another.”

There is no right or wrong when it comes to your intention, just try to phrase it in a positive way. Once you have your intention, keep it somewhere you can see it regularly or state it out loud a few times.

Step 6: Place your hands in prayer position, thank your Spirit team, and close with the affirmation-

“I am aligned, I am One, I am creating the life of my highest path where all my wishes are fulfilled. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”


Important Moon Phase Dates :

NOVEMBER 2022 (based on South African time zone)

1 Cross quarter day
1 Half moon waxing in Aquarius
8 Full moon in Taurus
8 Total lunar eclipse
16 Half moon waning in Leo
22 Sun enters Sagittarius
23 New moon in Sagittarius
30 Half moon waxing in Pisces


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