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Some Insight for September 2021

Hello again

August has been a month of gusts. Whether it was news that came suddenly and unexpectedly of a dear friend’s passing (Hermi, the tea leaf reader that you may have met at the fayres); unexpected despair when a nail found its way into the edge of a tyre resulting in both tyres having to be replaced; blurred vision which culminated in news of a cataract in my right eye; frustration with colleagues who suddenly couldn’t read payslips; and blatantly rude and impatient drivers! With the demise of August, I look forward to these tempestuous gusts suddenly dissipating and leaving us with the fresh beginnings of Spring.

The rude and impatient people saga started a few months back when I had personal experience with exceptionally rude people. I noticed that people in service areas weren’t as friendly and didn’t smile as much as they used to when dealing with customers. Tellers were impatient, there was no eye contact, just the thumping of groceries on the belt after they thunked the item after scanning it. At work a colleague became stand-offish and then arranged a braai for all staff on the patio outside my office, but didn’t invite me. I didn’t mind at all, as I’m not partial to certain meats, and this was one of those times, however, it wasn’t until later that it was pointed out that the non-invite was deliberate. It became a topic of conversation in the office and in all honesty, I ended up feeling embarrassed. Being the person I am, I questioned what had happened and what I had done to be excluded. (I found out the reason many weeks later which had absolutely no merit.)

That same evening on the way home at a well-known pharmacy, the teller was so rude and so abrupt that I felt my ears burning. I stopped smiling at that point and stopped trying to make the other person feel better about themselves. When I got into my car in the parking lot, I asked God, “Where have all the kind people gone? It’s like the world has gone mad and people think they can treat others like sh!t! I’m soooo tired of being treated badly by people. Please just show me where the nice people have gone!”

I was actually at this point really upset. As I pulled out and stopped in the underground parking at the stop sign, a car came from the right and stopped. She showed me right-of-way. In my mind I knew that it was God’s way of showing me that there are still kind people around and I gracefully accepted the gesture and turned into the main lane leading out of the parking area. I was still mumbling when I got home, and having a brain with a big piece of sticky tape, I dredged up all sorts of memories where people have treated me badly. When I got into bed that night, ja, you guessed it, I was still dredging. I spoke to God for a long time that night, and sent a few voice notes to a dear friend, expressing my sadness.

Every morning I do a visualisation whereby I invoke the angels and archangels who I work with on a daily basis into my space, and this time I asked God to help me too. While I know that he’s with me everyday, I have never invited his spirit into my body and my aura. I did so with great consciousness that morning. I asked God to fill me up and to take on all the negative things that were most likely to come my way that day. Anyone dealing with me would see God shining through, and he would take the brunt of their abruptness, their rudeness. He could deal with him, I told him, because I’m tired now. I don’t have the energy any longer to smile and make others feel good about their rotten selves.

 And off I went to work.

 The energies of the day changed immediately. It started with a colleague offering to make me a cappuccino (never have I had this in a million years). At lunch time after our monthly staff meeting we invest in a little down time with the guys making lunch and this time we were having a potjie (on the same patio outside my office as per the braai the day before). I was standing in the queue to dish p with the rest of my colleagues, when a colleague asked me for my plate and took me to the front of the queue and dished up for me.

When I sat down at one of the tables, another colleague offered me a glass of cold drink. Then my manager joined me and said we need to talk after lunch.

My manager and I share an office and we indeed sat down to talk. She said that she feels I’m doing such a great job, she’s giving me an increase. It turned out to be more than I could imagine.

I attribute all of the above to actively bringing God into my life that day and for showing me how fast he can turn things around. It’s not about what I can get by inviting him into my space, it’s about him showing me how powerful he is - he can move mountains. I trusted him enough to ask for help. I couldn’t do this alone. It was stressful and debilitating to be on the end of rude people’s tempers and selfishness, whether conscious or unconscious. Sure, many times it wasn’t about me, however, I took it on because when you’re friendly you expect a little of the same in return.

My own perception tells me that I needed to go through the rough and tumble of rudeness in order to strike up that conversation with God. Perhaps it was all part of a bigger plan so that I can invite his spirit in on a daily basis and share how this works for me. It doesn’t mean that I don’t experience heartache or frustration, it just means that I can stand back and observe much better than I did before. With each situation I trust that God is taking it on and that the person facing me sees their mirror image. Perhaps God’s spirit will touch their heart and their own life will change in the most amazing way.

Even with the gusts that came with August, I can honestly tell you that I cried a bit but the love that came into my heart when I felt that I was being divinely supported every step of the way, made the journey so much lighter. 

Warm Regards


Angel Reading for September 2021

with the Archangel Oracle Cards

It’s time to let go of anything that caused you distress, anxiety, hurt, negativity and so forth, over the past few months. As spring approaches, it’s time to start nurturing yourself, putting emphasis on how you’re going to change the vibration in your own life to one that meets the universe’s energy. Remember that changing energy takes a very short time so your own life can change within a short time to one of monumental proportions.

It’s not that easy when you’re doing it by yourself, and that’s why it’s important to call upon G-d and the spiritual beings who can help you rise above any dilemma. As in the insights for this month, I urge you to ask for help without delay so that you can welcome change into your life – change for the better, that is.

If you look at the cards above, you’ll notice that the colours are predominantly blue and yellow – could this be indicating that you need some change in the solar plexus and in the throat chakras? The solar plexus is the point where we are secure and where we store our energy. The throat chakra is the point of expression and communication. Ask yourself, what makes you happy and gives you the edge over anyone else? What would you like to express? Are your creative urges rising up and you feel the need to do something that you’ve put off for a while because you were in a gloomy place?

Put on some gentle music, lie down in a comfortable spot, and allow your mind to take you on an inner journey. See yourself going to a favourite place. Imagine it that wonderful place you’re surrounded by angels who have come to meet you especially and to bring you a special message. This message is just for you. They hand it to you on a piece of paper and you fold it open in anticipation. You feel the excitement and you’re smiling as you read the message.

You smile at the angels and thank them, holding the paper in your heart area. Wow! This is something that you’ve known about yourself all your life, but you had forgotten. The angels have reminded you! How awesome is this?

The angels are rejoicing with you, telling you that the idea that you have is blessed beyond comprehension. They will help you with any research, all you need to do is ask them. Nothing is too big or too small for them.

They take you by the hand and lift you up. You feel their profound energy which fills you up with love. Your heart feels like bursting with the happiness you feel. In that moment, you know that you have all it takes to pursue your desire. The fire within has been rekindled and you’re ready to start a new journey!

When you’re ready, you can open your eyes and capture that feeling within your heart chakra. It’s full of expectation, abundance and ideas! Now you are ready to put your plan into action knowing that it is divinely blessed. 


Intuitive Astrology Forecast
for September 2021
by Tanaaz

September feels to be a month for setting the stage of what’s to come.

October is a month of huge cosmic shifts and changes, and it seems that all through September, we will be getting whispers of this energy. We may begin feeling a need to make changes in our own lives, or we may be seeing things shift and change in the world around us. 

This may be especially amplified as we cross the September Equinox, which represents the halfway point on the astrological wheel. 

The Equinox is a highly sensitive time of year that thins the veil and allows us to feel into the subtle energies with greater ease. It also indicates that we have reached a turning point on our own journey through the astrological wheel. 

The astrology wheel begins at Aries Season and ends at Pisces Season. Libra Season, which happens this month, is the midpoint of this wheel, and brings about a change in the flow and direction of energy.

This shift in energy is also mirrored in mother nature too as we enter the season of Spring or Autumn- both of which bring so much change and transition. 

September also brings some powerful numerology as well. Being the 9th month of the year, it is the only month where our personal year number and our personal month number aligns. This signifies that September is a time for really honing in on the gifts and lessons of our numerology for the year. (More on this later!)

September also brings the final Mercury Retrograde of the year. Once Mercury enters retrograde, it will give us a total of six planets in retrograde, which will create a slow down effect and may make us feel that we have to take a few steps backward before we can move forward.

This energy will not last for long however, as by the time we leave October, almost all of these planets will be traveling direct again. This upcoming shift in energy may make September feel like the month where the rubber band is pulling back on itself as it prepares to eventually spring forward!

Astrology for September 2021

September 1- Your Personal Year and Month Number Align

Each year we are given a personal year number to work with according to numerology. This personal year number can indicate some of the themes and lessons we are working with as we journey through the year. While our personal year number remains the same all through 2021, we also have a personal month number too. This monthly number can help us dive deeper into how we may experience the themes of the month ahead. In September however, our personal year number and our personal month number are always the same, giving an added influence to the numerology lessons and gifts we are working with. September is a month where we can really hone in on the energy this number is offering us. If you want to understand more, read this. You can also calculate your Personal Year Number for 2021 here.

September 6- Virgo New Moon

The Virgo New Moon is a mixed bag of energy. It may stir feelings of adventure and productivity, but it may also see us retreating deeper to uncover or work with some generational or ancestral wounds. The asteroid, Nessus, which is known as the ancestral healer, is very active on this New Moon, and we may find ourselves becoming more aware of a generational cycle, or patterns from our childhood that we no longer need to carry. New Moons are typically a time of setting intentions and welcoming new beginnings, so if something from the past does come into your awareness, use this energy to think about how you can shift and transform this energy to better serve you in the future. Read more here.

September 7- Mercury Enters Shadow Period

Mercury begins slowing down as it prepares to go retrograde later in the month. This slow-down period is referred to as the shadow period. At this time, it is recommended that we start to slow down too and think about the projects we wish to work on and complete, rather than adding anything new. We may find similar themes from June 2021 coming back into our lives, or mishaps from this time may finally get ironed out or exposed. See September 26 for more.

September 9-99 Numerology

September 9 unlocks the numerology code of 99, which is a number of completions, endings, and graduations. What are you graduating from or to in your life? 99 can also be linked with leadership energy as well. Its vibration allows us to use the wisdom we have gained to step up and take leadership of our lives in a new way. Focus on these areas on this day.

September 10- Venus enters Scorpio

Venus moves out of the air sign Libra, into the water sign of Scorpio. Venus in Scorpio can help us connect with our more sensual side, allowing us to tune in to our desires with greater ease. Venus in Scorpio is also a very sensitive placement, so we may be feeling extra intuitive or aware of our deepest emotions.

September 11- 911 Numerology

The 9th month and the 11th day gives us the numerology code of 911, which is known to be the calling of the lightworker. If you see this number code regularly, it could indicate that you are being called into your gifts as a healer and lightworker. On this day, we can all connect with this energy by acknowledging our own unique healing gifts and the light we can bring to the world. 

September 14- Mars enters Libra

Mars entering Libra is an important milestone event this year because while in this air sign, it will align with the Sun. This takes place on October 7, however starting from today we are likely to feel the build-up of this energy. Strong Mars energy can make us productive, energized, and fearless about forging ahead, but it can also trigger heated emotions and lead to burnout if we are not careful. Finding balance will be key here.

September 20- Pisces Full Moon 

The Pisces Full Moon is always a sensitive one. We may find ourselves feeling extra expressive or even a bit moody. Neptune is active on this Full Moon, which could cloud our judgment or create some confusion. With Mercury about to go retrograde soon, this feeling of fogginess may be amplified. While this is always true, this is definitely a time you want to be trusting your intuition! If something feels off, listen, pause, and pay attention. Wait for clarity to come before moving ahead.

September 22/23- Equinox + Libra Season

A pivotal and special day in the month! Today we experience a turning point in the flow of energy. We may feel this shift radiating through our being and through certain areas of our life. This is a time to connect with the healing energies of Mother Nature and to welcome the transitional season that lies ahead. Try this Equinox Ritual.

The Sun also moves into Libra on this day, bringing our attention to our relationships and how we are choosing to balance the energy of giving and receiving in our lives. During Virgo Season, we are encouraged to be independent and to use our inner resources, but now that we have built up those resources, it’s time to share, connect with others, and learn how to seek help from others too. 

September 26- Mercury Retrograde in Libra 

Mercury enters its last retrograde cycle for the year. Mercury will remain in retrograde until October 18. Mercury is considered the messenger planet. When it travels retrograde, it unearths messages from our past that we may have overlooked or missed the first time around. We may have to wait until Mercury has completed its retrograde in order to receive these messages, so be patient! Mercury retrograde can sometimes bring delays or miscommunications, but try to view these as messages from Mercury- what is your messenger planet trying to communicate with you? 


Important Moon Phase Dates : 

SEPTEMBER 2021 (based on South African time zone)

  7 New moon in Virgo
13 -Half moon waxing in Sagittarius
21 -Full moon in Pisces
22 -Equinox (Quarter day)
22 -Sun enters Libra
29 -Half moon waning in Cancer

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