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Some Insight for June 2021

Welcome to June, colder weather in SA, and another bout of Mercury retrograde ... Phew! Life is galloping along at such a rate, one can scarcely catch your breath. I'm feeling the effects of Mercury retrograde this first week of June as I've had endless issues with load shedding (at home and work) and connection issues, one of the reasons why my newsletter is late, and why my website hasn't been updated this past week. Apologies!

The recent Light & Joy fayre held at the Bedfordview Town Hall was a great success. Not only was it great seeing many of the “old” visitors, but it was also enjoyable spending time with "old" friends after more than a year.

The next Light & Joy Fayre will be held on Saturday, 3 July 2021, at the same venue. Please note that the address is on the corner of Nicol and Hawley Roads, opposite Doppio Zero on the opposite corner. My apologies to clients who try and call or send messages during the course of the day of the fayre. My cellphone is safely in my handbag and when I’m attending to clients I don’t often check the phone. The appointments are based on a first come first serve basis and fees are R350 for a 30 minute session (cash only).

I continue with consultations after hours during the week (from 6.30pm) and on a Saturday morning when available. For a list of consultations and pricing please see here: http://www.angels-haven.co.za/PRICE-LIST/

The Tarot Course for Beginners and Intermediate students is currently underway. Unfortunately, those who put their name down for the next course didn’t respond to my advertising and have missed out this round. The next Tarot Course will most likely start towards the end of the year.  

Recently I had the misfortune of encountering many rude and selfish people in the space of one day at work and in a shopping mall, and by the end of it, I felt so affected and disappointed in human nature that I dissolved into tears. I’m a realist and understand that everyone has their own issues to contend with, not everyone is willing to interact, and not everyone is happy all the time. However, this particular day was exceptionally bad. Upon leaving the shopping mall, I spoke aloud to God and asked him why people have to be this way, and where have all the kind and considerate people gone. I spoke my heart out, telling him how I felt. I stopped at the stop sign in the parking lot and waited for a car travelling from the right to pass. This car stopped for me instead and indicated that I could go ahead. In that moment, I understood that God was showing me not everyone is selfish or unkind, and I thanked him for it. My conversation with him continued that evening when I was at home as I dragged up things from yesteryear and felt more sorry for myself. I’d like to share the rest of this story with you in a blog which will be available shortly.

On this note, let me wish you a great month. Let Mercury retrograde work for you in a positive way along the lines of processing anything that re-occurs a little differently to how you’ve handled it before. Re-group, re-process, re-align, re-arrange anything that didn’t work before and even re-assess how you can change things with the tool that I'll be sharing in my blog soon.

Warm Regards


Angel Reading for June 2021

Angel message for June

from the Angel Wisdom Tarot of Radleigh Valentine

The month of June will bring you some good news in the forthcoming weeks and it will be a time of rejoicing, gratitude and a time for celebration.

While you may experience a time of upliftment, it’s important to be aware that not everyone around you is in the same happy emotional space. Be especially kind to anyone who is going through a rough time. You may not have all the answers for them and that’s okay. Be there when they want to share their story with you. You could offer comfort in the form of a cup of tea and a willing ear.

If its someone who wishes to share their good news with you, be mindful to speak encouraging and congratulatory words. There’s nothing worse than being dismissive of someone else’s good fortune.

During this time of Mercury retrograde it is also the time to be aware of any form of communication with others – whether its verbal or in written form. Remain objective if someone misunderstands your words or your tone and explain what you meant rather than becoming confrontational.

Clear communication is key and you want to avoid any repercussions at all possible. At the same time, stand up for what you believe and try and see all sides of a situation. You will win if your position is one of integrity.


for June 2021
by Kathy Biehl

June buzzes with complexity. It has us revisiting the past, catapulting into the future, and running in place like Alice’s Red Queen, often at the same time. It stresses our technology, networks and recently constructed systems to reveal (or create) need for repair or restructuring. And it spurs us to get out of our little corners and strut in the sunshine, or spotlight, or just our own inner glow.

Thank (?) a mix of retrogrades, a reality-rebooting solar eclipse, and the recurrence of the major aspect that defines the year.

The retrogrades are responsible for the retrospective feel, the resurfacing of people and matters from the past, and the sensation of being suspended in time. Mercury and Saturn are retrograde as the month begins, slowing progress, summoning unfinished business, and requiring caution and care. Jupiter and Neptune join the reverse march on the 20 th and 25 th. (Both will be retrograde into the fall, with Jupiter slipping from early Pisces back into Aquarius on July 18.)

The retrograde planets are more than a backward-facing backdrop. Three of these four play a role in the June 10 solar eclipse, and the fourth ties into the month’s Full Moon.

Snafus in communicating and getting around are the contribution of Mercury, retrograde from May 29 – June 22. The potential is abnormally high for confusion, misunderstandings, differing assumptions, and outright deceit, since Mercury’s about face pits him in a square against fogmaker Neptune, with the solar eclipse joining in the tension. This could dislodge imaginative possibilities, though. When you encounter evidence of snarls, or drive into a traffic jam, or come across loose threads to tie up, look for non-rational solutions, higher meaning, and divine intervention. (Seriously.)

It’s all data – from the people and notions popping up from the past, to the miscommunication, detours, blocked roads, and technology breakdowns, to puzzling, often inscrutable delays. They are likely to peak in the days around the Gemini New Moon solar eclipse June 10.

It continues the theme of resetting and potentially upgrading our information flow and beliefs, which hit a major clearing out point at May’s Sagittarius Full Moon lunar eclipse. With the solar eclipse, we move from purging to lunging forward, from releasing outmoded beliefs and philosophies to embarking on a dramatic new stage of thinking.

It’s equally likely that the solar eclipse heightens gaslighting and confusion (due to squaring Neptune) or burns off the fog to reveal truth. Clarity may hit you in an instant, at least about yourself, with Mercury being tightly conjunct the Sun and the Moon.

Adding to the drama, the eclipse overlaps with the second of three squares between Saturn and Uranus, which is exact June 14. The aspect is stress testing new constructs and forcing innovation in old systems and networks. (Recall that the first square, in mid February, coincided with power grid failures in Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma.) It’s like taking machinery into a wind tunnel and seeing how well it holds up, an analogy that is particularly apt for this second square coinciding with Mercury conjunct a Gemini solar eclipse.

Anything that withstands this test will undergo a third round in mid December, while the Gemini/Sagittarius eclipse cycle is wrapping up.

During the first 10 days of the month, as the eclipse and the second Saturn/Uranus square are building, the urge will be great to stay close to home. Drive and desire are in homebody mode, with Mars in Cancer as the month begins and Venus following June 2. They’ll counterbalance the mental frenetics with an inclination to nest, to hang with and cluck over loved ones, and to take and serve comfort in food. These tendencies are particularly strong during the days around June 5. when Mars, the god of war, opposes Pluto, the lord of death. Pushing an agenda falters in the face of a greater power, which challenges, and probably leads to, a refocusing or scaling back of efforts.

Venus remains in comfy-cozy mode till June 26, but Mars takes on more public, high-energy, attention-getting ways when he moves into Leo June 11, as the New Moon is just beginning to show in the sky. His shift adds enthusiasm, flair, and self-promotion to the eclipse resets.

Another pivotal event with legs is the solstice on June 20, when the Sun enters Cancer. This launches summer in the Northern Hemisphere and winter in the Southern. The solstice chart captures all the complexities that have been swirling in the sky and continues them, like a program running in the background, for the next three months. It’s another reminder that current developments and issues have a long way to go to play out.

The solstice chart injects a couple of new textures into the mix. Two involve retrograde stations, which create the sensation of being suspended in time and prolong themes from the retrogrades.

Jupiter’s retrograde station, on the solstice, means his early foray into Pisces will continue to reverberate after he returns to Aquarius to finish his tour of that sign. His dip into Pisces, which began May 13, has brought a gentle, nuanced softening and brightening of the atmosphere, our outlooks, and our perspectives. It’s also been a coming attractions trailer for his year in Pisces, which begins December 28.

Mercury’s direct station, exact on June 22, promises more noticeable evidence of time not yet moving. This contains an advantage: data is staying still long enough for us to observe and note it, and maybe, just maybe, start to perceive what is actually going on.

The stillness makes room for phenomenal creativity, inspiration, and honest to goodness love, flowing off a trine from their worldly guardian Venus to their higher overseer Neptune. The aspect is exact June 21 and contributes a third texture into the solstice chart. See if this doesn’t swell into a sense of your own wondrous possibilities when the Sun trines Jupiter two days later.

Flying off into the clouds isn’t likely. Attention comes back organically to concrete practicalities of existence at the Capricorn Full Moon June 24. It raises the question of how solid and secure you feel. It opens a door to bigger, better possibilities, with expansive Jupiter sextile the Moon. It carries the potential to reshape situations of great value (a relationship, money, a creative project), with Venus sextiling Pluto, opening a channel between conscious desires and resources and primal, cellular forces greater than any mind can steer.

And then, we want to strut. The home fires lose their hold after Venus enters Leo June 26. It’s time to go outside and soak up the sun. Dress up. Be gregarious. Show off. Greet your public. Move to centerstage in your life and world. Claim your place in the spotlight.

© 2021 Kathy Biehl

Important Moon Phase Dates : 

JUNE 2021 (based on South African time zone)

2  Half moon waning in Pisces
10  New moon in Gemini
10  Annular solar eclipse
18  Half moon waxing in Virgo
20  Sun enters Cancer
21  Solstice (Quarter day)
24  Full moon in Capricorn

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