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Chaotic Times

Included in Angels Haven Spiritual Digest 11 - December 2014

Haven’t the energies been hectic this past year? If we thought 2013 was bad, and we expected a change for the better in 2014, it seems we totally misjudged … 

Let me explain. Apparently the dawning of the age of Aquarius came in a little late. What was supposed to start at the end of 2012, in fact, only began at the end of 2013. So basically we’re a little behind with this dawning, and the start of our ascension period.

I recently attended a talk by a very well-known author, channel and healer, who put things into perspective. So I’ve done further research and wish to share this with you.

There are three stages before the ascension process starts, namely the Persecution, Crucifixion and the Resurrection. We are, according to the information given, in the third stage which is the Resurrection. Unfortunately the Resurrection cycle will only begin upon the dying of something, and in this case, the ego. You may want to refer to my first article on Ascension (
link: Ascension) to get a bit more background. The universe we are in is ascending and for purposes of this article we will be talking about the energies on earth which directly affect us.

These stages before ascension are complex and cause a lot of chaos. This is due to the shifts in magnetic fields upon earth, which in turn, is also changing. These magnetic fields exist to hold the energy blueprints, templates and light codes, etc., where they are contained and maintained. During these hectic shifts it can affect us in many ways - our short term memory may be affected, we may anticipate irrational behaviour and desperation and feelings of hopelessness. The energy shifts are also accelerating so we can expect more of these out-of-control scenarios and some may even feel that there is no solution to them. Of course, this in turn also leads to more cultural and social instability. Out with the old and in with the new!

There is no reason for us to feel guilty or bad when we are thrown out of kilter like this. We have every reason to feel overwhelmed during these energy surges.

Time in essence has speeded up. Personally, some days I’m not sure whether I’ve just experienced a time warp or what happened. There are days when I’m uncertain whether I was in a dream or whether it was reality. Of course, it’s not something that I share too often, but those of us who are in constant contact with other lightworkers relate only too well with these experiences!

With these chaotic energies it may be difficult to handle things the way we are used to handling them. What worked before, may not work now. The good news is that we have choices. We can either allow these turbulent times to destroy us by being consumed with the negativity of despair and hopelessness, even doing away with ourselves; or we can transition out of the 3 rd dimension into a higher one. We can either follow the path back to the G-d source, or we can follow the darker energies.

ou will be forced to make the decision of which path to follow. There will no longer be time for sitting on the fence and playing for either side as and when it suits you. This choice is being put forward for everyone, lightworkers included. 

Our bodies are at the same time being transformed into crystalline bodies. There is no easy way for this to happen. The biological side is taking strain, the mind is taking strain. It is not an overnight change … there are processes that the body will go through. This adds to the already strained environment and the pressures we are currently facing in the workplace, the home and in relationships. 

The picture above doesn’t sound pleasant does it? 

What we need to understand is that this is a resurgence of G-d’s energy being transmitted to us and it’s moving through our bodies, through our chakras. It is the great I AM presence. With this resurgence it means there will be no more death, only life. 

It is the reunion that the soul will have with G-d. Our souls are being restored with joy, happiness, love, truth. The way we were originally formed. 

If you wish to follow the path of ascension you need to acknowledge that G-d is the Creator, that you are willing to clear yourself of the negative karma that you have accumulated over lifetimes, and treat your body like the temple that it is. 

If you wish to disregard the path of ascension and take the other route, you will surely face self-destruction. But it is YOUR choice. 

As we have gone from lifetime to lifetime, from experience to experience, we have shed some of ourselves, and have taken on parts of others. So our soul is not the whole that it was when we started out. The kinks in the cords / attachments each of us have between this lifetime and our previous lifetimes are being straightened and filled with the light that is flooding earth. Our souls are being restored, but in order to do this and to achieve the wholeness, any residue karma is being revealed. Whatever has not been attended to needs to be, or else we will need to return for another lifetime to finish in order to “balance the books”. 

Karma is not a punishment, it is one of the laws of the universe. What you give out, you will receive. 

Contracts that we have made for this lifetime need to be fulfilled. What we are seeing throughout this chaos is so much violence and crime. As time has speeded up so has the urge to clear one’s karma. Not many thugs or people with lower energies realise this so they go doing their deeds totally unaware of the repercussions, either fulfilling their contracts or increasing their negative karma balance. 

The best way to deal with karmic issues is by facing the challenges that come your way, taking each one as it comes. Don’t fight them. It is a contract that you made before returning for another lifetime and a challenge you need to face. You don’t want a bad experience to come around again in order for you to learn the lesson. 

You may ask, but if something happens and it isn’t of my own making? What then? 

You are a party to the situation, for whatever reason, as a participant or as on onlooker, and how you behave or react in that moment will determine YOUR outcome. You will need to take responsibility for your actions. The outcome regarding YOU is YOUR responsibility, no one else’s. 

The same goes for relationships. Many relationships are coming to an end. It is inevitable. If you stay in a relationship that does not serve you, you are doing yourself a disservice as there is no lesson being acknowledged or being learnt. Until you take responsibility to move on from it, you are not learning the lesson that has been presented to you. 

Recently I’ve noticed that through these chaotic times I have come across so many people who have lied to me. I’ve had to adapt my way of thinking. I don’t condone the way they do business or believe a friendship grows through story-telling, just that they have a different belief system to that of mine, and I prefer to step away from that. I don’t need to entertain it. 

The same goes for those who try and diminish a person by belittling or devaluing their dreams or plans by charging it with their negative quips. A friend put it very nicely the other day by saying to me what she does is say to the person who is doing the diminishing that they have a different reality to what she has.
I thought it most appropriate. 

We need to bear in mind that with all the negativity moving out of your circles though, it also makes room for the new and light and rewarding bonds and friendships coming in. 

Through these chaotic times the more you work in the light, and live in the light, the more the lower energies will be revealed. Situations and people, in your personal life and in the work environment. 

The good news for lightworkers and healers is that we don’t need to be rescuers any longer. We can help by listening, giving advice and healing. But we no longer have to rescue the client who does not want to listen, who repeats the same mistakes, who never learns the lesson. If the client does not want to learn the lesson or challenge we can walk away without taking on the responsibility. For some this may be difficult, for the lightworker and the client alike. 

I want to add that by not being a rescuer any longer does not mean that you need to give up being kind. You remain kind. You won’t stand by when someone needs a helping hand or when you feel it placed on your heart to do a good deed. I recall a heated debate with another two lightworkers who said they would drive past anyone if their car had broken down as it was not their responsibility to help.

 speak for myself when I say this - if I can help someone out I will always do so. By the same token, if the person turns out to be a user and abuses my kindness, my lesson would be to then stand by the next time they try to take advantage and not be drawn into their drama.  

And how to get through these crazy times? 

By caring for yourself first and foremost. Whether it’s by resting, napping, meditating, spending time in nature, or by simply being quiet. Your soul needs to recuperate. It needs energy to give energy. 

Laughing helps too. The chaos can bring in some absurd situations which can really test one’s reserve. 

Embrace your ascension path – as you work closely with the angels and the beings of Christ-like energy, your gifts and talents will be revealed to you many times over. We are all blessed with those wonderful gifts, and we simply need to wake up to start using them! 

And Protect, Protect, Protect yourself without ceasing. 

During these chaotic times prepare yourself everyday to receive the positive energy that flows through. Protect yourself from the negative energies. Don’t dwell on the negative, just be aware. If you believe that the dark energies will do nothing to you as you don’t believe in them, you may as well be asking them to knock on your door. They will test you! 

Use the angels, use your spirit guides, listen to your heart. For out of it springs the joys of life! 

~ Dianne Radloff – Angels Haven ~