How to meet your guardian angel


Before you start the meditation, relax and do not try too hard. If your aura is full of negative emotion or stress, then the angels find it very difficult to connect with you.

When you meet your angel in this meditation, speak to your angel and also ask him for his name. Sometimes you won’t get the angel’s name immediately.  The first name that pops into your head within 24 hours you need to accept as the angel’s name.

The angels love gold, so you will use that to bring your guardian angel into the visualisation.  Ensure that you are grounded and protected.  It is important that you do this as you may feel out of sorts and light-headed afterwards. 


    Sit  comfortably.  Close your eyes.  Make sure that both your feet are planted firmly on the ground.

Feel the roots growing from beneath the soles of your feet, travelling down to the centre of the earth, where they wrap themselves around a black obsidian crystal.  This crystal is full of protective energy.  Feel the roots absorbing the crystal's energies, and the energies come back up the roots, through the earth, into the soles of your feet once more, anchoring you firmly to the ground.

Now wrap Archangel Michael's deep blue cloak of protection around you.  Feel the weight of it as he drapes it across your shoulders. You ask him to zip it up from beneath your feet to under your chin, and he then pulls the hood over your head to protect your crown and third eye chakras.

You are safe and secure and wonderfully protected by the angels. 

Breathe deeply and evenly. Continue to do this, taking your breath all the way down to your toes,so that you are completely filled with this wonderful relaxing breath. You are breathing in Peace, Love, Harmony and Joy.

Once you are filled with this wonderful breath, then start to breathe in the colour gold. Continue to do so until your body is completely filled with the colour.

Imagine yourself surrounded by a gold bubble or cocoon. As you breathe in gold, then breathe out the gold into this bubble or cocoon until you are completely surrounded by it.

Allow your guardian angel to step through the gold bubble and kneel before you. If you are unable to "see" your angel, you might become aware of a wonderful perfume, or just sense an energy or colour. This is your angel. 

Look into your guardian angel’s eyes and see the unconditional love that your angel has for you. Your angel loves you unconditionally, no matter what you do. 

Now talk to your angel, and ask your angel any questions that you might have. You may also ask your angel for their name. He may also give you a message, listen to him while he speaks.

Once you are finished talking to your angel, say goodbye and thank your angel. Know that you can connect with your angel at any time.

Watch as the angel steps back through the wall of the golden bubble.

When you are ready, make sure that your feet are firmly on the ground and that you are grounded. Open your eyes.

How to meet your guardian angel visualisation using the Youtube video link: