More protection techniques


Grounding and Protection

When working with angels it is important to do Grounding and Protection so as to protect yourself from “outside forces” and negative energies.

One way to do Grounding and Protection is the following:

Find a quiet spot where you won’t be interrupted.  You may wish to light a candle to raise the energies, and even light an incense stick. Sit down. Please your feet firmly on the ground.  Take in a deep breath and let it out slowly.

I find the best time to do my protection and grounding is in the morning in the shower. Standing beneath the water and closing my eyes for a few seconds while doing this meditation is a good start to the day.

Feel the golden roots extending from beneath your feet into the African soul, down the roots go to the very core of the earth.  There they wrap themselves a black obsidian crystal and draw protective energies from it.  The energies come back up the roots, through the earth, back into the soles of your feet, and make their way up your legs, your body, your heart area, your neck and into your head.  The golden light comes out the top of your head and surrounds you in a golden bubble.

Now ask Archangel Michael to protect you by placing his blue cloak around your shoulders and feel the weight of it as he does so.  Ask him to zip the cloak up from beneath your feet to just beneath your chin.  Now ask him to pull the hood up over your head, protecting the crown and third eye chakra.

You are now Grounded and Protected.   


And here are further examples of how
to protect yourselves quickly:



Imagine yourself (or the item you wish to protect) surrounded by a circle of mirrors, the reflective side facing outwards.  This will assist in reflecting back the energy to the one who has sent you any negativity either consciously or unconsciously.  The mirrors will return the missiles to their source.  At the same time if you are aware who is sending the bad energy to you, you can send them light. Light contains spiritual information and knowledge which must dissolve the darkness.

The Blue Cloak

Deep blue is a very protective colour, the colour of Archangel Michael, who is the protector.  With your imagination draw in your aura and then put a deep blue cloak over your shoulders.  Zip up the cloak from your feet to beneath your chin, and pull the hood over your head. Feel and know yourself to be completely protected. As in the Grounding and Protection mediation above, this can be used when you have already done your meditation but you feel you need some extra protection - especially when you are driving in your car in a precarious area or are feeling the negative energies in a shopping mall.

The Golden Egg

Ask the angels to put a golden egg of light around you.  Make this a thick golden band of energy.  Then visualise or watch them putting a dark blue energy around that. Finally, especially if you work with people and often pick up their problems, place a violet colour around the outside, which will keep you safe from the negative energies of others.

The Gold Ray of Christ

One of the most powerful and protective of all energies is the gold ray of Christ.  It must be invoked three times.  You can either call it forth yourself or ask your Monad (your soul group) or your mighty I AM Presence to invoke it.

For example:  “I now ask my Monad to invoke the gold ray of Christ for my total protection.”  Say this three times, then add, “It is done.”

A Tube of Light

Call down a tube of light from your mighty I AM Presence to protect you throughout the day.  Ask that it remain intact and be divinely charged so that nothing that is not of God and the Christ-Light may pass through it.  You may also ask that the Divine Light transmute all negative conditions within you to positive.

Your Angel

Always ask your angel to protect you.  In asking, you strengthen the link between you.